River Sand Projects

  • dairy-cow-3

    Dairy Cow Bedding

    Silt free sand, meaning little to no bacteria Less bacteria, healthier cows Healthier cows, greater milk yields Significantly less hoof…

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  • Whonnock Lake Park

    Whonnock Lake Park

    Sanscorp was committed to working with all those involved during the renovations to the Whonnock Lake Park. What a great…

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  • sports-field10

    Sports Fields

    Sanscorp happily offers our services to those in need of consultation for their sports fields. Send us an email or…

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  • Road Construction

    Road Construction

    Just a couple of photos of some recent road construction projects we have had a hand in.  

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  • FRPD


    Check out some of our equipment used.  

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  • Barge Dredge

    Barge Dredge

    Sanscorp operates our barge / dredge along the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada.

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  • River Dredging

    River Dredging

    Sanscorp prides itself in our quality control and attention to detail. Our dredging procedures are done with full scrutiny ensuring…

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