The Sanscorp River Sand Difference

Sanscorp Fraser River Sand is unique grey/black river sand and only available to Sanscorp retail and wholesale customers. This sand has excellent free draining properties that are ideally suited for back fills, settling ponds and as a filter sand for applications that require environmental specifications for water run-off.

Sanscorp river sand provides maximum turbidity entrapment and is a naturally clean filtration media removing particles, yet maintaining high water flow. Our sand also has one of the lowest acid solubility specifications, making it the perfect choice.

In addition, because of its granular structure, this sand is one of the best for preload applications. It is easy to position, stays in place once positioned and is easy to remove once the preload is completed. It also makes a superb sub-base for roads, parking lots and concrete slab pads.

We dredge our river sand from the Fraser River, working with the Ministry of the Environment, Fraser River Port Authority and the Provincial and Federal government regulatory bodies to ensure that the fisheries are unaffected and that the navigation channel is properly maintained. This Fraser River sand is some of the best sand in the world due to its unique filtering capabilities and is becoming increasingly more popular with businesses (local and long distance), municipalities and recreational companies.

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